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In the year 1964, a robust young man about 37 years old, established A MODEST MOVING SERVICES COMPANY to provide moving and relocation services. As years passed, the company's responsibilities came over to Mr.Hla Shwe with an instruction from his predecessor "The journey of a thousand mile will be proper, if the first step you take towards the journey is proper". Treasuring his father’s quotes abreast his life and task guide, the present CEO Mr.Hla Shwe, made use of all the modern facilities and converted in a very up to date, Government recognized company named MYANMAR EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL MOVING SERVICES CO., LTD. Lastly, we are the first and oldest (57 years), and reputed moving company in MYANMAR.

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23 March 2019

Myanmar Express Moving

Most historic Buddha Statue was delivered successfully by MEIMS team.

25 March 2019

Myanmar Express Moving

International association of movers

28 March 2019

Myanmar Express Moving

Professional handling of export shipment

30 March 2019

Myanmar Express Moving

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